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The classic little black dress is a staple item in any girl’s wardrobe. I simply love the gold chain straps!

I adore this chunky coloured bangle, a great accessory to own and it goes with everything!

Every girl simply must own a black pencil skirt! Invest in a pair like this, it is sure to stay with you for years to come!

This lovely dress incorporates florals as well as on-trend ruffles. Perfect for the going out look!

The oh so popular shoes this season, I can't help but to grab one myself (giggles) isn't it a beauty?

This dress is perfect for work, pair it with red pumps and your hair up, the look is enough to kill!

The uber cute polka dotted blouse and the trendy studded skirt, totally gorgeous! & our petite room mate here is looking totally hot, don't you think :)

This sexy thing is perfect for all you attentions seekers out there!


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