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Here's a posh piece I found! Grab this tube dress for instant casual chic. Plus it's a great way to flaunt your sexy shoulders!

Dressing like your fella has never been so cool. I love this shirt, its lines create a slimming effect which will come in handy while wearing a baggy shirt!!

I own a lot of plain coloured tops and this skirt is certainly a great way to cheer up my wardrobe!! I am totally in love with its fun and bubbly colour!!

Wear as a skirt or pinafore - how fabulous!! This is very much sought after at the moment, so hurry and grab one to avoid disappointment!

This high-waisted denim skirt is stylish and flattering.. They go great with just about every shoe, especially gladiators( which is also very popular right now!)

The plunge neckline looks irresistibly sexy! Looking all sexy and fierce, needless to say it will rock your night out, ladies.

Who says you can only wear slippers on your feet? This beautiful pair of slippers earrings is a must for all shoe lovers. Isn't it a beauty??

Miss Capsicum The crazy splash of colours certainly adds a bit of chic and glamorous touch. Love it!!
Made of luxurios satin and completed with such gorgeous bow on the back and beautiful ruffles at the hem. This dress is such a thrill!

Remember these? I shared with you girls bout how much i adore these cute lil skirts, i quickly snapped a pair back then and it was quickly sold out, for those who has missed their chance, here 3 popular colours to choose from.. Hurry up this time!!

Show your feet in this lovely replica of THE ' Christian Louboutin.. I love the red soles, its trademark, Ohh, i can't wait to own the real pair!!!

Now you can wear your dolls out!! :) These chinadolls are a great way to display your fun and girlish side!!
A dual tone dress with vibrant colours!! Simple and totally chic!!

Complete your chic look woth this funny piece... I totally adore the cute charms hung on a key..

This is the first time i'm seeing a chicken earring stud, and in gold!! It is really a cute pair!!

Malindi Leopard, this new crocs beauty looks so cute!! I simply love it!!

Classy and elegant is what this dress is all about!! Achieve two different looks with this dress, both simply gorgeous!!

Not only does the color and floral prints look great but the cutting also looks irresistibly sexy!

What a cool bracelet, the stylish mesh wire is connected with a large heart, pretty huh?

Sweet and sassy, it’s time to show your feminine side in this soft and flowy chiffon dress!!

The pattern's stylish, the cotton material is comfortable and the colour is completely stylish. You got the best of all three in this beauty!!

A strapless dress with a row of tiny ribbon rosettes and buttons along... Cute don't you think?

WooHoo.. a weekly fair!!

Slimmer thighs, arms or calves? Wherever you choose to slim, just get these massage shaper. Wear it everyday..it helps you to burn calories and you will have a slimmer and sexy part to show off! getting slimmer is just this easy..
Wanna look all girlish? We all will feel like that sometimes.. this little cutie certainly does it huh?

What a cute little dress huh? Block dress in checks, certainly different from the usual that we see..
An ideal dress for a dressy look for day.. Love the sexy neckline and the cute check pattern on the skirt!!

Wear this pretty dress and have a blast!! The bow cinching beneath the bust enhances the figure of anyone who dawns this dress. Love it!!

I absolutely love this pattern leggings, it will defintely look good under any tunic or mini dress!!

What a fantastic look! The tulle skirt is perfect fun, fancy and super stylish!!

A girl's defintely gotta have one of this wrap dress in thier wardrobe.. It is the most timeless dress style in a woman's wardrobe. Waist-whittling, bust-enhancing and hip-reducing..

I adore this flirty lace dress.. It's deceptively simple, yet irresistibly ultra-chic.

What a cool statement!! This tee defintely state our feminine point of view..

There’s something so clean and modern about this white dress, yet the look is classic at the same time. I love it!!

A Fair Weekend

Do you remember the last time when you smiled after satisfied getting a bargain when you shop?? Why have it once, come over and feel it again and again, with bargains from apparel to household items, from new to used, from senior to junior. Cool environment and exciting sellers to meet. Do come and be a part of this breath taking experience.
Plus!! This is not the typical Bazaar you've been to, thetheme is Gazebo style where you're feel relaxed as if you're shopping right at home.
Date: 28th February & 1st March 2009
Time: 10:00am to 8:00pm
Venue: ShowRu Cafe & Restaurant,Lot 220, Jalan SS7/15 (Jalan Stadium),
47301 Kelana Jaya
Any enquiries or more details do visit:
I find this gladiator sandals simply sexy, and is the must-have shoe for the season.. Plus, they can be matched with many different outfits, all the way from flirty skirts to jeans to formal wear.. Grab one now before it's gone!!

Fun and flirty, top it with jeans for everyday wear.. Look sexy without much effort!!

Hot, sexy, and classy! The fabric is to die for, soft, ultra luxurious, flowy satin, with design that are both flattering and feminine. Cinch around the waist part to show off your curves.

Just a bit of leopard print in scarf or bag or shoe...it's one bold fashion update for your wardrobe.. The leopard print motif is enjoying popular attention right now, but it's not just a trend, it's a decades old classic that has "hot" revival moments now and then.
A pretty eyelet pattern, sweet design, plus an easy-to-wear style, what more could a girl want in a dress?


Dear readers and blogshop owners,
I've been away for a shopping spree out of Malaysia for a week, that explains the lack of updates on Shopping Bible and no replies on emails.. All emails will be read and actions will be carried out accordingly( for marketplace), updates for the past one week will be updated( i've already done some past updates) but latest updates will be given priority..
# sorry for the delay in replying emails, there are too many!!
Enjoy the weekends darlings!! while i stay home clearing emails and updating Shopping Bible.. sob sob...
Cheers!!! :)

There were lots of requests from readers for pinafore skirt and shorts, here's one that i find simple yet pretty, since it's high waisted you're looking for, do opt for simple classier ones, ie design and colour, you do not wanna end up looking like a clown..

I love this floral dress. It’s very classic, feminine, and playful. I also like the brightness it potrays.. Whenever you wear one, just make sure you go light on accessories!!

You are definitely going to rock with this high waist shorts, made of satin, not only you'll look good, you'll feel really comfy too!! Just make sure the top is simple!!

Colour blocks are my favourites right now!! It's my new found lust... It is simple and easy to wear, I love them because they are a great way to wear colours!!!

Wanna add some fun? Here are some bubblylicious and colourful wristlets for you to choose!!

From red carpets to runways, white peep toe shoes are the must-have of the year. Here's one that is fiercely stylish... Love it!!

I love the abstract print and I certainly love the style, it’s super sleek and very feminine.

With feminine floral print and bow detail to back, this MNG beauty is all about looking girly and sexy at the same time..

:) such a lovely piece here don;t you think? I sure love how wearing stylish tees can be comfy at the same time!!

Dare to look stylishly fierce? Why don't pick this beautiful pair from Mezzanine.. Make every step you take impactful...