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Elements of 80s style are fun and youthful. I love bright colors, bold prints, skinny jeans, etc.... & they're making a comeback... Invest in a stirrup leggings like this makes your legs look longer and is cute with flats or pumps!!

You gals know how much i adore high waisted skirts... They are so classy and stylish... Here's one that's on top of my list... A checkered one!!!

I'm totally in love with this pair of ear studs... So cute and sweet.. In my favourite colour too!!

Get yourself this definitive beach-wrap pareo... Absolutely stylish!!

Femininity is a beautiful thing. Strut your style in this pretty dress in blue!!

Dresses cinched in at the waist and is a great choice for most body types because they create the illusion of flattering feminine proportions. It can hide more flaws, while looking feminine and chic.

I came across these unbelievably sexy stiletto... Such a beauty, don;t you think?

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Body Mist... Absolutely not available in M'sia... Need I say more????

What a sweet looking clutch!! Grab this Victoria's Secret baby before it's gone!!

Embrace your inner goddess in this charming rosette dress... It's the rosette details that lifted the dress from simple to sensational...

Love wearing accessories? Invest in solid pieces like this that can serve as the perfect backdrop to bold accessories.

Keep your daily essentials in this lovely orange bag!

What a stunning black piece.. I'll love to grab one!!

Pearl necklaces never run out of style. They are always classy, elegant and quite flexible as wardrobe accessories.

Refresh your wardrobe with this floral dress... Simple, chic and feminine, don't you think?

I love totes. What can I say? I can't afford to make a statement with a $5,000 bag so I make statements with unusual, cheap, and (gasp!) practical totes.

GoocheesFun and feminine never felt so good. You too can dress like a red carpet star with a few frills here and a few tiers there.
With some attention to detail – we can all look fab wearing white.
Just when you thought dresses couldn't get any more comfortable the trapeze dress emerges. Get one for yourself, this colour looks so sweet don't you think?

Hermes Birkin bags are among the most coveted fashion accessories in the world.. until we can afford the real beauty( or survive the longest waiting list), we can own this beauty brought in by Seamtress!!

This shoe is fabulous! You can pair them with anything, from jeans to dresses.

Audrey Hepburn, Simple, timeless and classic.. I'll love to carry her around..

You'll love this beautiful pair of sunglasses, Its frame is also very stylish and looks very beautiful.

I love Anna Sui, not only her products are good, it comes with the trendiest cover!!

Wear your charm bracelet proudly. Each girl's bracelet is unique and tells her own personal story.. Here's one that's great for a dog lover!!

Grab this tube dress for instant casual chic. In my favourite white!!
This sexy dress is ready to sweep you off your feet!

I love high waisted skirts, this pair is made of wool material, i sure wanna grab one fast before it's gone!

Ready to look smoking hot? This piece does wonders to flatter those curves of yours!

You won't wanna miss this beautiful dress, the prints is playfully sexy.

Get in touch with your wild side with this astonishing oxford pumps...

Wanna dress to impress? You can count of this lovely tube dress with tulle under skirt.. Gorgeous..

I definitely love the flower prints, it’s very pretty and perfect when you’re in feminine mood.

Warm yourself up sweetly with this stripe cardigan. It's a treat for a sweetie like you!

Love the splash of colour!! Make a bold statement with this piece..

This halter neck satin dress layered with tulle looks fabulous!!

Step out in gold with this beautiful pair of shoes.. Great addition to your shoe collection..

Remember this piece? Last chance to restock this now!

A paul smith long purse!! They even have the wallet so you and your love one can use a matching pair..

Designed with rosette and satin material, this piece is irresistably gorgeous!

Dress up prettily with this cute halter dress. I love the colours!!

I love oversized tote so much, so that’s why I am so thrilled whenever I find the one that’s not only big, but also chic.
Wanna dress to impress? Not only the colours are beautiful, the flower prints are so attractive!

Sexy siren!! I love the cutting of this dress, the dual tone colour and sexy v cut will definitely catch you much attention!

Made of comfy material, the all-over floral prints are definitely too pretty to be missed.

This trendy lil clutch is just one of those lovely pieces that you definitely have to check out!

A kimono top for a comfort and style..

Add some rock flavour to your closet by taking this super chic denim jacket

You can really count on a pearl necklace to look elegant and sophisticated, hence, every girls must have a set of beautiful pearl necklace.

Let’s get all pretty and stylish with this kimono inspired dress.. Such a beauty don't you think? Grab one just in time for new year!

Those who can't get enough of cute little dress with bows can quickly take a look at this satin beauty..